Monday, September 05, 2011

Home interior painting help

So, here we have it, the weather starts cooling down, and I get the itch to paint the inside of my home. I don't like neutral colors, I like bright, funky, and fun walls have NEVER been painted for the most part because I am afraid to do it. what if it looks terrible the way I WANT it? Will I have the energy to redo it within a week? help me. Anyone have ideas for me? My favorite colors, fuschia, red, orange, turquoise, aqua, black and white, lime green, pink...I like yellow too. You know, like a gypsy wagon of sorts only parked here in the boring suburbs of fort worth, Texas. I can paint anything on a small scale, just the way I want it...but when you give me 20foot ceilings and lofty living rooms...I am frozen. SIGH...and every year, I say I will have my home painted by Christmas, so it will be pretty. And every year for 7 now in THIS walls are still just drab, and now dirty...from 3 boys and a great dane that is attempting to paint the walls every time he shakes his head!
I must say it is hard for me to post stuff like this. It is too personal. My brother has a way of throwing things up on my fb that are funny and sort of poking fun, but this issue with my home is driving me mad. It feels like as "the woman" of the house and home maker, and an artist to feels like a failure to have an undecorated, unbeautiful home. SIGH...any suggestions out there? I have one room that is just about totally empty, my soon to be studio. why not start there? Its either there or the foyer as it is almost empty too. If there is someone out there in facebook land that is really good with this stuff, and patient with an indecisive, loves everything sort of personality...I would sooooo love you for some coaching. I would even consider a trade or bartering my services for yours.
In all sincerity...


Tee-iabo Designs said...

Hi Adrienne,

First, I just want to tell you that your work is awesome. I've been looking through your website, Etsy shop, & blog for the past 45min. lol I too am a designer & artist so this probably explains why I am intrigued with your work.

I see that you have followers, but no one seems to comment on your posts. Smh...this is why I stated on my Facebook Page "Please don't "Like" my page just so I can "Like" your & later "Unlike" it for your own personal gain. "Like" my page because you like what I do."

I'm now a new follower of you blog & I have also "Liked" you on Facebook. I will definitely keep in touch as I do with everyone I follow. Keep painting...

Peace & Blessings

Sonya M. Jones
Tee-iabo Designs

Adrienne said...

Hi There! I just happen to be veggin on the computer, tho I am clocked in as "listing designs" on the web.

Yeah, I don't know why people do not comment on my posts. But that's ok. Thank you for following me and taking the time to look through my designs, I really feel at peace when I am painting and sewing. I love it!

I haven't really quite figured out the blogging yet, it seems like I could spend 24/7 on the computer and not get any work done. Thanks for writing! Would love to keep in touch. I will check out your stuff too :)

Tee-iabo Designs said...

Ha, ha...I know what you mean about spending 24/7 on the computer & where's the work to show for it. Smh...that's too funny. Yea, you are doing a lot of great things. I can't wait until I can do a craft show or something. Right now I'm preparing to put one of my designs on display @bedbugzz. Its a store where I live. I can only afford to do one design right now & I really hope it does well.


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