Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Displays

I just thought I would show off my shop in Canton, once again...I have changed it quite a bit more, and it has been awhile since I last shared pictures.

Something I don't share about so much is my painted glass. I have been painting glass since about 1999 for "Claudia's". Alot of the glass designs have been Western...not the only style I paint, by far...but forwhile, western was ALL I did. Anyway, I decided to bring some of my painted glass out to The Mountain. I needed a great way to display it, so close to where I live, there is a great little antique shop called The Sage House. Barbara runs and owns this shop, and she and I have such similar tastes in furnishing! Don't you just love meeting kindred spirits?

Well, I found this awesome OLD chippy paint cabinet in her shop. I had eyed it a few times, and each time, I mentioned to Barbara how much I LOVED that piece!
When I decided to bring all the painted glass up to Canton...I went buy The Sage House in Keller, and bought her cabinet. Everytime she sees me now, we talk about this cabinet, and she misses having it in her store. Here is a picture of the my display using this primitive cabinet and a table that I also bought from Barbara.

Well, of course when I brought that wonderful display in, I had to switch the shop up some more, and I have created a Rock Star Corner done in pink, black, and white.

I am always working on trying to figure out new ideas for my little corner on the Mountain. I really enjoy looking at all of my work displayed together. LOL...Sometimes it surprises me how much I actually DO get painted. because I must confess, that most of the time, it feels like I spin my wheels. But when I see it all displayed together, it is some sort of verification that I do work pretty hard ;)
Until next time...

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