Saturday, January 30, 2010

In a Perfect World....

I would post everyday...or at least more...LOL

What have I been up to lately? I feel like I have been seeing myself coming and going lately. And quite honestly not getting nearly as much done as I wish I was. Maybe I could figure out a way to keep myself accountable by using the blog and publish my goals to the world. But for some reason that scares the heck out of me! I have several lists of things I need to get done, want to accomplish, dream about, things to do for me, my kids, my home, my business....and yet, I never know what to post on my blog! I wasn't even sure if I had many readers, and many times I feel like I am talking to myself. LOL maybe I am, maybe a few are reading? not sure...
I just TODAY saw that there was a comment on my last post, and published it. (Thank you Shawnta) and I am sorry for just now seeing that considering that I had last posted the day before HALLOWEEN!!!

Ok, so, here's the deal...lately, I have felt so scattered, and unorganized, even the least bit of organization I have at times, seem diminished.
I need to remember the things I do get done....
1. I homeschool my children...unschool that means, I do have my three sons 24/7 except when the older two are with their dad.
2. I run our home as best as I can, some people can do this sort of stuff better, but my mind wanders alot. My idea of cleaning a room is dreamining up how I could paint it differently, or paint it period! As with three boys, three dogs, and well...lets just say I am in a little over my head with trying to keep my home decorated or clean. but it is lovingly lived in and our home is utilized to the max at times.
3. I run my business of the Dreamin Bohemian Studio. This in itself could consume every waking hour of my time. But as long as my children are home with me, they must come first, so business has its highs and lows.
4. The some days, they do not come in 4th. LOL...The cat has been very sick, and has needed daily antibiotic therapy for a month now. Last week, I finally convinced the vet that I can do the shots at home instead of running up there everyday. She has a terrible microbacterium infection. Bad luck...there is no vaccine that could have prevented this one. The good news, Polly (the cat) has become one of my new best friends. I don't think she EVER liked me before. But since I have been the one taking close care of her for the past 3 months, she loves laying on top of me. Pretty sweet :)
I also have three dogs, and one requires pretty intensive training. I do the most of that as well. Taking him to classes and such. Winter has been too cold this year for the outdoor classes, but none the less, he follows me everywhere throughout the house.
5 Home accountant...THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE JOB around here. I don't mind paying the bills, if the money is there. I hate tax stuff and my artist brain just doesn't get the numbers involved. That is all I want to say about that subject.

So...I know that everyone has there list of jobs and life that they do and take care of for their families. I do not seem to give myself credit for the life that I lead. First things first, right?

I guess that is where my time goes, and I am lucky enough to squeeze my art in there somewhere!! I am really trying to get a bit more work accomplished. I need goals, lists, for each sector of my business and then just start ticking things off that list.

This post is pretty much a note to self...a reminder of sorts. I don't expect anyone to read it...LOL..I will post pretties next! ;)

Love to all, life is too short to be angry.



Tee-iabo Designs said...

LOL...and I thought I was having a hard time trying to run my business and household at once. I too lead a hectic lifestyle while trying to run my business Tee-iabo Designs from home. However, you are much further along than I am. A booth seems like a far away dream for me. Still trying to work on building an inventory. Time is hard to find...sigh.


Adrienne said...

Oh Sonya, I so needed to read this post again, and also I am glad you replied. INventory is tough. I love making inventory, but I also love customs, and the two do not go together very well when you do it all on your own. Keep at it tho, it will come! :)