Friday, August 13, 2010

Hand Painted Skullie Converse

I have ALWAYS Loved Skulls of all kinds. Some people think that they remind them of death. But for some reason they remind me of life. They don't creep me out, I love them with floral motifs and lots of color. So when Bethany asked me to collab with her on a skull set, I just couldn't say no, now could I? Since these have been listed, I have also sold a pair of skullie pink converse to a lady who's 50th birthday party will have the theme of the pink skulls and she wanted them for herself to wear to her Birthday. See, Life!
Once the bidding on this pair of custom skullie Chucks for kids is over, I will keep them in my ebay store, at 65.00 for children and 85.00 for adults.
Message me if you are interested in a pair!

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