Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Launch tomorrow :)

7Ave has an AWESOME launch tomorrow... We are using Amy Butler fabrics and crossing them with whatever we choose. My first set is cherries and denim. I can NOT wait to get my pictures, as I have a new photographer for my website and her work is gorgeous, as well as her Girls. I will post pics here once I have them. Here are the fabrics tho.

I have also been scouring the web for Indy Artists and Crafters. Man, I have been in a whirl wind life of my own, and now am so inspired by so many people I have been finding on the internet. I don't know why I didn't realize they were here! So much to learn and so many people to meet!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Midcities Antique Mall

I am so excited, I finally got pictures taken of my boutique booth in the MidCities Antique Mall in Hurst, Texas. I had been working pretty hard to get it looking a little more cohesive....mostly with my own work, but I do have work of other artist friends and designers as well.
Please let me know what you think....My hubby says...THATS ALOT OF PINK...LOL...but it is mostly little girls stuff and I wanted it pink....afterall, I have three boys, 4 including hubby, so I think it is only fair!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well Well Well

Can't believe with as much as I am at this computer, I haven't been blogging religiously, I guess I just can't get used to the fact that whoever can read what I write, and what if I look back and wonder WTH did I write THAT?
LOL...Well, I haven't gotten to design much new stuff in clothing lately, tho I have done tons since I posted the last design....I started homeschooling my kids and have opened a boutique in an antique mall. Mid Cities Antique Mall in Hurst Texas. I have sold a few things there, but not enough yet, so yesterday was devoted to painting the furniture and cases that I have been meaning to paint, to get them up in the mall and get my booth beautified! It is getting there....just like everything else, it takes time. Why is that so hard? LOL
Also have a huge show coming up at the end of April. It is in LA and tho I thought I would get to be there, Mateo has sort of put a damper on that idea. It is expensive, yes, but has soooo much potential. I will be there with my art and in spirit as the few people that will be there running the show, are working their booties off! ;) WHo knows, maybe by then, things will turn around and I will get to go to it. It is called Baby Celebration.
Umm, what else is happening? Just trying to keep up with ome of the latest ins and outs of children's clothing. If anyone has any ideas of what they would like to see out there, give me a holler, as I love new and fresh ideas to ponder and experiment with. OK, that last sentence sounded really southern...LOL...