Friday, March 18, 2011


Soooo, One day I woke up and had a message from Facebook that my page was going to be shut down for infringement on someone's copyrights. If that was the case, I could if I wanted to, send facebook thousands of other boutique artists/designers who infringe on copyrights daily who still have their fb fan pages still up.

I went to facebook, and they didn't give me a chance to take some of the artwork down or anything. They removed my fan page with my 1500+ fans.  I was a bit bummed, though I do understand. And this is a major lesson learned for me ~ I will only from now on be doing only my own original art. It is freeing really, as painting characters was not fun for me, and I really only started to paint them just to kind of prove that I could do it. But quite frankly, I hate copying.

 However, if you were one of my fans on FB and are wondering what happened to me, please click the link and RE like me ;) I would appreciate it soooo much!

Dreamin Bohemian Studio Fan Page

Thanks so much!