Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Believe in Your Day Dreams

You know, it all starts with a dream. It all starts with a yearning in your heart. I can remember being very very young..4 or 5 and just wanting to make stuff. I didn't know what I wanted to make, I just wanted to create.
I started crocheting at age five and did sewing then too, and drawing consumed my time when I wasn't with my grandma, or my mom was not able to guide me with my crafts.

Anyway, That was sort of the inspiration with this old school desk. It started out an old worn out piece that someone had tried to refinish with sanding and then gave up because, lets face it, sanding an old piece just isn't fun. 

I got a hold of it and had to think about it for awhile. What was I going to paint on this? I was doing it for a friend who wanted to sell one of a kinds in her booth in another location from where I sell. Hmm, well owls are popular and all the rage right now, plus they are fun and as colorful as you want them to be.Since this was a school desk...wise old owls....school...day dreaming...hmmm...LOL See where I am going?

I have been told to try to stay SIMPLE with my work. Simple, what does that mean? Isn't simplicity for some, boring or difficult for others? Simple has not ever been in my "artistic" dictionary. I paint something pink...and it just looks well, pink. I have to add something..and the process goes on and on and I before you know it...it doesn't LOOK simple...but in actuality, for me it wasn't that difficult. If I paint from the subconscious and paint without forcing myself to stay simple...the process is so much easier for me.

Anyway, I finished this sweet school desk. My friend put it in her booth...it SOLD in less than a week. We got what we asked for it, and didn't have to come down....and I didn't have to stay simple in my creative process.

 I love it when that happens. Now it makes me think that all those things that I forced myself to try to stay simple with the design, should I bring them back to my studio and REpaint them from my heart instead of from simplities sake?

I might...one piece at a time.

But then again, maybe I should just keep doing the stuff that is thrown at me and work on emptying my garage of all my unpainted treasures. :)

But no matter what I will ALWAYS...Believe in my daydreams.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It all started with the front door!

Wow, it has been forever since I posted. I am kind of blog shy as it is and then never know what to say once I decide to get on here. I am sorry about that, I really WANT to get this blog more active!

So, wayyyy back last fall? Or late summer rather, I posted about wanting to decorate my home and get the painting started! I did it, I did it! (it was when I decided to take action that was a problem but that is beside the point!) I actually got my home started! Thanks to Aubrey, my middle son Tucker's Girlfriend. She said she would help me, one day last summer, and then one hot september day, she said, lets go look at paint...and a monster was created!

I started with the front door. Yep, as you walked into my house, the door was a faded old redwood color hit by that Texas sun too many times to mention. It was so very tired!

So, I wiped the door clean, and lightly sanded it and applied Kilz primer. I love that stuff and use it on everything!
 I did apply a couple coats of primer. Partly because one coat just didn't cover, but then also because my son Tiger wanted to help, so he helped with the third coat of primer. (he!)

I picked out a color called Espresso Bean as I THOUGHT I was going to want a black paint, but after matching several colors to the brick, I decided a really dark brown would be better. THe gal at the Home Depot said it was the best coverage paint I could buy, but umm, I still painted 3 coats of espresso bean on the front door. Here is the first coat.

And the second coat...
Getting better, but I wanted it to look like a pro had painted it, right?
So, here is my finished door :) Since starting the painting, I have been through the entire house with paints. Can't wait to show you what else I have been up to!