Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Loops of Life, in the studio

OK, so say I am restarting slow. one post a month is better than one a year...right?

January...ohhhhh January. It was a really rough month for my household. I have my Birthday on the first day of the year and am all ready to start fresh and have a great year, and then something hits, then something else hits...and again...again....I think that is what makes Capricorns resilient. They have no choice, but to be resilient. Get knocked down, get back up, then another wave hits you....But ya know? I am getting older and wiser, and learning to play this game, finally at the ripe old age of 45. I have not quit yet, instead, I am getting tougher. I mean TOUGHER.  I have FINALLY learned, for the most part....excluding a couple key days a month (and even those days are not quite as bad as they used to be) to just roll with it. Roll with the Changes. Love that song...Go with the flow...all that.

So, I have had this booth space, that I prefer to call my boutique. It is at a WONDERFUL place called The Shoppes at Brownstone Village. And lately, my sales there have been a bit low. I think it is, well no, I know it is because I make everything I sell.

 And lets face it, that is no easy task. I sell custom orders online, and then I also, have to keep inventory in a boutique. Its my DREAM to be a successful shop/boutique/gallery owner...LOL...I have this urge, the silent, loud to me PUSH in my heart and in my head to keep going and make it happen.

Every now and then, I need to come back to center. I end up making and painting on everything requested, no matter how specialized it is, and the overflow and samples, I take to my booth space. What happens tho, is it looks like overflow and samples and all one of a kind merchandise. Which in and of itself, is not a totally BAD thing. But it can be exhausting. So exhausting in fact that, I end up not knowing what to do and I end up paralyzed with thought and no action. No action means, no inventory, no new inventory new sales and it spirals out of control.

So, in order to come back to center, I begin talking to friends and family. brainstorming ideas. and more confusion. LOL oops...still paralyzed.
I then realized I need the big guns. I contact the manager of the Brownstone, and tell her whats going on and she says, lets talk to Taylor. (the OWNER EXTRAORDINAIRE)
I got to talk with Taylor. Which, I get to talk with her all the time, but not like take up an hour of her busy schedule talk to her about new ideas kind of talk to her. This woman is idea central. She is amazing. no, she is AMAZING with bells...yeah, like RING A LING A LING AAMMAAZZIINNGG!! lol

She asks me, "what's your favorite thing to paint?"
Me, "Ummmmm?"
Again, she says..."whats your favorite thing to paint?"
Me, "Ummmm, probably the big furniture. The kind of furniture I can paint wild and crazy, unexpected designs on that throw people for a loop, they have to have it, kind of furniture."

Then she asks, "What's your biggest spread?"
Me, "Ummmmmm??????"

(apparently, thats a term about money of which I did not know until this meeting) LOL

Then she asks me, "what takes the least amount of time, least amount of supplies, yet makes the most money?"

I still didn't know the answer to that one and by this point am thinking, maybe that's where business school would have come in handy?

Anyway....the conclusion of this meeting was very interesting and certainly through me for a loop.
Simplify my designs, make things from things I already have, and lets go with trendier pieces that is all the rage at the moment.

Things that make you go Hmmmmm? The loop de loop of life in an art studio. Sometimes, I get so hung up in being creative, that I forget that I am ALSO trying to make a living.
So, here we go, restructuring my unstructured life for the sake of making the almighty dollar.

I will be showing off here some of the products of the conclusions I came to. Hopefully, before March!
Here is a SnEeK pEeK of what is to come....

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sooo, its January 2014

Let's face it, maybe I am not a blogger. I like thinking about blogging, have tons of ideas about blogging, but am pretty inconsistent, if not non existent when it comes to writing on this blog. Its like I want to decorate it, and change it up and organize it, but when it comes to actually communicating on my blog...wellllll....LOL

Did you ever have a diary, growing up and then when you are like 5 years older, lets say, you go back and read that diary and wonder WTF did I write that down for??? That is sort of where I am with blogging. But....I REALLY WANT TO BLOG....for lots of reasons.
1. I have a ton to share.
2. I would have some cool tutorials if I took the time to document the items I make.
3. I love reading other peoples blogs, the querkier the better, so why am I afraid to document my querkiness?

Sooooo, here is to 2014 and a year of committing to blogging. Some of my pictures need to be revamped up at the top and all, but all in good time. It doesn't all have to look absolutely perfect from the start. Right?

I thought I would start with an introduction of myself and a picture.I am Adrienne Williamson, Artist, Wife and Mom. I have a studio in my home, and love to paint everything, I love fabrics and yarns, and was a weaving major in college. I have so many "art dreams" filling my head and my heritage is Bohemian, Finnish, German, French, Irish and Native American. Hence my Studio was named "Dreamin Bohemian Studio" wayyy back in 1999 by a friend of mine who has loved and supported my efforts in art and in all things spiritual and holistic since I have known her. It just fits me.

People at shows have asked me what Bohemian is to me. I know where they were heading. My show booth displays are not necessarily the typical "bohemian" look. I tell them, well, my Grandma was 100% Bohemian...and she was instrumental in inspiring my crafts. People are funny. That's all I can say. They try to fit you in a box before they even know that Bohemia was a country long before it was coined a way of life. Anywayyyyyy, if I can educate, inspire, love, and dream from my little corner of blog land, then I do believe I will be a blogging success. And if nobody reads it, or finds it with all the millions of blogs out there, thats ok too, I will have at least found another means to have expressed myself to get the thoughts out of my head and into the universe.

And so, here's to an art filled blog, that may have touches of dogs, paint, kids, furniture, home makeover, sewing, heck, maybe even some excerpts about my latest adventure since January 2013...Crossfit. Why not?

Until next time,