Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Ballet...painted tennis shoes

I love ballet! Dancing from about age 2 all the way up into my 20' was about time that I painted something to do with ballet. These sweet little shoes were a custom received and I have decided to offer them to my customers on ebay. They are available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Come and check them out!

Merry Christmas Tennies

Darling Santa and his Reindeer painted on these Sweet Tennis shoes for fun at Christmas time! Check them out on eBay. I can paint them in toddler girls sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. A few other sizes are available, so email me for details :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010


My first Launch with Sugar3 Faze2 is a mini reveal Upcycle Launch. Upcycling is one of my most favorite things to do! I have ALWAYS loved taking something old and spinning it into something fresh and new!
Here I took a size 4t corduroy jumper that I had on hand in my "denim" stash and painted a funky Christmas Kitty applique. I sewed some holly fabric and sweet pompom fringe at the hem and Voila! A fun little addition to your little one's holiday wardrobe!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Me? A runner? Not hardly!

That is exactly what I would say about 3 months ago to my friend Joanna when she would tell me about this podcast program she started. There was no way I was going to run. No way, no how! HA!

Here I am in August about to graduate from the 5k101 program. I have one more 30 min run to do to consider myself graduated, and I run my first 5k September 4th!!
I am so excited and happy that I have finished the program. It starts you off slow and you watch yourself build week upon week. I can see progress and feel progress, and I have lost over 10 inches and 10 pounds all together so far.
Now my goal is to run 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. I will build on that eventually. But I am excited to have gone this far in two months!

Anyone that has looked for an exercise program that is encouraging and challenging, I would suggest this one to them. You can keep up with other runners for encouragement and accountability on runningmates facebook page as well.

Super excited to keep on going and see how far I can get :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I really wish I had more of these Gogo boots to paint on, but I only have two size 9 toddlers left. They are adorable, and such a cool movie to paint from for Halloween.
Jennifer of Jade n Roses took the awesome pictures for me, Thank you!

The Ghastlies

Hand Painted to match Alexander Hanry's fabric line called the Ghastlies, these Chucks were a BLAST to paint. I was asked to do a design collaboration with Jennifer of Jade n Roses Couture on eBay to match her TO DIE FOR Halloween set for the Fairycakes Peek a Boo Launch.

This collab was soooo much fun and full of tricks and treats! I would like to thank all the girls who joined in our Fantastic Launch!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hand Painted Skullie Converse

I have ALWAYS Loved Skulls of all kinds. Some people think that they remind them of death. But for some reason they remind me of life. They don't creep me out, I love them with floral motifs and lots of color. So when Bethany asked me to collab with her on a skull set, I just couldn't say no, now could I? Since these have been listed, I have also sold a pair of skullie pink converse to a lady who's 50th birthday party will have the theme of the pink skulls and she wanted them for herself to wear to her Birthday. See, Life!
Once the bidding on this pair of custom skullie Chucks for kids is over, I will keep them in my ebay store, at 65.00 for children and 85.00 for adults.
Message me if you are interested in a pair!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay! Sweet Freedom!

I fell asleep at like 10, woke up at midnight...sick, stuffed up, couldn't sleep. But IT CAME TO know when people say," I was lost and couldn't figure out what the key was but it was with me all along?"

That has happened to me!!! I am excited, I have painted two pairs of overalls, however I wanted to paint them. Not in the constraints of what someone else would like, or would want. I was so stuck! When I started this business, I painted florals, flamingos, turtles, peace signs, LOTS OF COLOR.

I got away from that because of what people started to request. 5 years ago, I would not paint characters, I only did my own art. I know I have said it before, but this is what I am going to get back to. I am going to re emerge on ebay and my website and etsy and even at the brownstone, with FREEDOM in my heart, and finally just paint, Paint, PAINT!!! My designs feel free and beautiful.
I am so excited, I don't want to go to sleep as I am afraid I will lose this feeling and inspiration. I am exhausted tho, but wow! I am so happy. LOL and probably a bit delirious! From now on, my designs will be bursting with color and happy thoughts. nothing forced. nothing!
I have a list of ideas that I am going to create, and my overalls and painted denim and womens stuff, it is all going to be ME.
Seems simple enough, but I got too careful. Too trying to be perfect. I am free. free. FREE!

EVeryone keep an eye out for fresh new colors and designs! Yippee!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am really loving doing these mixed media pieces. I do them in my spare time, in between clothing and pillow orders and also when I need a quick launch item for ebay. I can play with the design around a theme so easily and they seem to give birth to new ideas in my head while working on them.
Here is the latest mixed media...a little purple princess painting that I call "Believe!"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow? In Texas?


Ok, maybe not that we got a little snow...but, ummm, we got A LOT of snow! I have not seen this kind of snow since I lived in Michigan. CRAZY!! I have played in it, walked dogs in it, and even had a little snow ball fight with Tiger in it. So much fun and a great change of pace for us who can take the time to enjoy it.
I am a polar bear at heart. Still not sure why I am still in Texas, but pretty sure we wont ever leave.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Booth Update!

I am so lucky! A good friend of mine and I spent all day Monday up at The Shoppes at the Brownstone Village rearranging and cleaning up. I love the way that the booth turned out and I am thankful to good friends who help me get my act together! Thanks Sharon!
Here are some more pictures of my labor of love!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Painting The Roses

Here is the newest listing on eBay. I just love Tim Burton's take on Alice, so I mixed up his with a little bit of mine, and then of course a little bit of Suzi Blu that I learned in Mixed Media, and I ran with it. I got it listed, and by morning it had its first bid. I love that! (thank you!!)

Happy Creating!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still working Sunday Night!

Well, it is 9:15 on Sunday night. My husband is still at work, dinner is cold, and I decided since he is still at work and the kids are on their Xbox, I will continue to paint.

I am working on an order that should have been finished a couple weeks ago. It is one of those that no matter how much I paint, it seems like it is never finished. I want to ship it out tomorrow...will probably be more like Tuesday...maybe Wednesday. SIGH.
My A.D.D. seems to kick in while waiting for sections of paint to dry before I can move on to the next color. I have already planned like 3 or four next projects to get myself enticed to finish this one. Whatever works!

Anyway, I can't wait to start on a mad hatter mixed media...or my Paris themed pillows and quilts for the to come soon. So until I get this huge order finished...the others will have to wait.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have not always loved Alice in Wonderland. But when my oldest son, who will be 17 next month, was 4-5 years old, he was introduced to the Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon movie. It was and still is, I believe one of his most absolute favorite movies. I think that he studied that movie, and kept some of the "material" to use as an artsy fartsy wanna be hippy teen. LOL He inspires me.

So, with that being said...and now yes, I LOVE Alice in Wonderland...I did this mixed media painting.

I was thrilled that it was the first listing on ebay in a long time to actually get some bidding action going. (Thank you ladies) I am working on a mad hatter, but just can not get the feel right for the crazy little guy.

In a Perfect World....

I would post everyday...or at least more...LOL

What have I been up to lately? I feel like I have been seeing myself coming and going lately. And quite honestly not getting nearly as much done as I wish I was. Maybe I could figure out a way to keep myself accountable by using the blog and publish my goals to the world. But for some reason that scares the heck out of me! I have several lists of things I need to get done, want to accomplish, dream about, things to do for me, my kids, my home, my business....and yet, I never know what to post on my blog! I wasn't even sure if I had many readers, and many times I feel like I am talking to myself. LOL maybe I am, maybe a few are reading? not sure...
I just TODAY saw that there was a comment on my last post, and published it. (Thank you Shawnta) and I am sorry for just now seeing that considering that I had last posted the day before HALLOWEEN!!!

Ok, so, here's the deal...lately, I have felt so scattered, and unorganized, even the least bit of organization I have at times, seem diminished.
I need to remember the things I do get done....
1. I homeschool my children...unschool that means, I do have my three sons 24/7 except when the older two are with their dad.
2. I run our home as best as I can, some people can do this sort of stuff better, but my mind wanders alot. My idea of cleaning a room is dreamining up how I could paint it differently, or paint it period! As with three boys, three dogs, and well...lets just say I am in a little over my head with trying to keep my home decorated or clean. but it is lovingly lived in and our home is utilized to the max at times.
3. I run my business of the Dreamin Bohemian Studio. This in itself could consume every waking hour of my time. But as long as my children are home with me, they must come first, so business has its highs and lows.
4. The some days, they do not come in 4th. LOL...The cat has been very sick, and has needed daily antibiotic therapy for a month now. Last week, I finally convinced the vet that I can do the shots at home instead of running up there everyday. She has a terrible microbacterium infection. Bad luck...there is no vaccine that could have prevented this one. The good news, Polly (the cat) has become one of my new best friends. I don't think she EVER liked me before. But since I have been the one taking close care of her for the past 3 months, she loves laying on top of me. Pretty sweet :)
I also have three dogs, and one requires pretty intensive training. I do the most of that as well. Taking him to classes and such. Winter has been too cold this year for the outdoor classes, but none the less, he follows me everywhere throughout the house.
5 Home accountant...THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE JOB around here. I don't mind paying the bills, if the money is there. I hate tax stuff and my artist brain just doesn't get the numbers involved. That is all I want to say about that subject.

So...I know that everyone has there list of jobs and life that they do and take care of for their families. I do not seem to give myself credit for the life that I lead. First things first, right?

I guess that is where my time goes, and I am lucky enough to squeeze my art in there somewhere!! I am really trying to get a bit more work accomplished. I need goals, lists, for each sector of my business and then just start ticking things off that list.

This post is pretty much a note to self...a reminder of sorts. I don't expect anyone to read it...LOL..I will post pretties next! ;)

Love to all, life is too short to be angry.