Monday, September 05, 2011

Home interior painting help

So, here we have it, the weather starts cooling down, and I get the itch to paint the inside of my home. I don't like neutral colors, I like bright, funky, and fun walls have NEVER been painted for the most part because I am afraid to do it. what if it looks terrible the way I WANT it? Will I have the energy to redo it within a week? help me. Anyone have ideas for me? My favorite colors, fuschia, red, orange, turquoise, aqua, black and white, lime green, pink...I like yellow too. You know, like a gypsy wagon of sorts only parked here in the boring suburbs of fort worth, Texas. I can paint anything on a small scale, just the way I want it...but when you give me 20foot ceilings and lofty living rooms...I am frozen. SIGH...and every year, I say I will have my home painted by Christmas, so it will be pretty. And every year for 7 now in THIS walls are still just drab, and now dirty...from 3 boys and a great dane that is attempting to paint the walls every time he shakes his head!
I must say it is hard for me to post stuff like this. It is too personal. My brother has a way of throwing things up on my fb that are funny and sort of poking fun, but this issue with my home is driving me mad. It feels like as "the woman" of the house and home maker, and an artist to feels like a failure to have an undecorated, unbeautiful home. SIGH...any suggestions out there? I have one room that is just about totally empty, my soon to be studio. why not start there? Its either there or the foyer as it is almost empty too. If there is someone out there in facebook land that is really good with this stuff, and patient with an indecisive, loves everything sort of personality...I would sooooo love you for some coaching. I would even consider a trade or bartering my services for yours.
In all sincerity...

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Custom Painted Women's TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only

Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only
Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only Custom Painted womens TOMS with Crystals and personalized just for YOU design only
I started painting TOMS shoes for TOMS at local events in the DFW area. During these events time is limited and so is the design because of time. But when someone showed up to an event with a pair of shoes to send home with me to paint....I couldn't resist.

This is the design I painted for her, complete with Swarovski Crystals all hand placed and hot fixed around the cross and across the other shoe.

What I am offering to you, is YOUR favorite colors, theme, full coverage of the shoes, complete with bling!! You order your shoes, (or I can do it for you with the cost of shoe added to the design fee) and have them sent to me. This assures me that you get the size you know they need. They do fit some people different than other brand shoes. i.e. my son wears a size 12 tennis shoe, but in TOMS he wears a 10. BUT he has a narrow foot...I wear a 9 in both toms and regular shoes......back to my order the shoes, and I will paint a full coverage design on them and add crystals to them too, if you like.

The price for this service is 60.00 plus shipping back to you. Several hours and techniques go into this design.

So unique!

This price is for the womens sizes. I can do this for kids too! The price will be adjusted accordingly, please check out my other shop items to see other options.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Going Wild"

I am so excited to have gotten a chance to do another collaboration with an old friend! Let's see, where do I begin? Most of you have heard of eBay, right? Well, way way back about 7-8 years, maybe more,  ebay had almost a cult following for children's hand made boutique clothing. Several of my steadfast friends and customers I made on eBay back before all the hidden higher fees. Ebay isn't exactly a thing of the past for me, as I will still keep my boutique open there if for nothing else, but for advertising. It is worth it to me. But as a design group, Sugar3 Faze2 we have decided to make a HUGE change and try Facebook out for a design launch. That's where this adorable graphic above comes in. Bethany Mathews, elf*shimmer*design, and I have collaborated to bring to you an adorable set for boys for the .rest of summer and back to school.  Here is a sneak peek of what I painted for the launch.

I don't quite have a finished peek of the set that Bethany has appliqued, but I have seen bits and pieces and OMGosh it is PRECIOUS! here is a shot...
Will post tomorrow with links as to how to get one of these amazing sets!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Painting Baby Seals on a hot summer's day

I have been painting and painting today. Trying to keep cool when it is only 102 outside. I am also sunburned, so it just feels hot anyway. Lucky for me I had gotten an order for three pairs of these, so I got to think about rollin around in the snow all day! Love it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Look!

I am sooo Happy with the new look I have here on my blog! Thank you to Jessica and Joe Dougherty for the graphics and the blog rescue 911 for the new look and some sort of rhyme and reason on this all important part of Dreamin Bohemian Studio :) I wanted to give them a shout out at FuNkY FiNdS and Right On Graphics!

I am so excited to start using my blog now and I wont be embarrassed to send people to look at it anymore!

I was also excited that Jessica was able to help me with some pictures in the header of my blog. Showing off some of my art as well as my sweet dogs :) I should be ashamed that only three of my babies are up there. I do have 2 cats and a 4th dog as well, but didn't have very good pictures of any of them. I will work on that!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Changes are coming...

I am so excited! The Dreamin Blog is getting a facelift after many years of just dangling here in cyber world.
Along with this facelift, I hope to post more of what if going on in the studio as well as offering little specials here and there.
Here is one of my newest ventures...I was hired on by TOMS to be an artist and paint shoes with their events they do in the DFW area. The first one was at Nordstrom on June 4th. The next one scheduled will be at the Dallas Galleria in August on the 13th. It is so fun for me to get to sit with other artists and paint and talk and also to see some of my customers. Here are some TOMS I painted for myself for the events. Well, for some reason can't get a picture on here, so here is the link to my facebook folder of painted TOMS

Friday, March 18, 2011


Soooo, One day I woke up and had a message from Facebook that my page was going to be shut down for infringement on someone's copyrights. If that was the case, I could if I wanted to, send facebook thousands of other boutique artists/designers who infringe on copyrights daily who still have their fb fan pages still up.

I went to facebook, and they didn't give me a chance to take some of the artwork down or anything. They removed my fan page with my 1500+ fans.  I was a bit bummed, though I do understand. And this is a major lesson learned for me ~ I will only from now on be doing only my own original art. It is freeing really, as painting characters was not fun for me, and I really only started to paint them just to kind of prove that I could do it. But quite frankly, I hate copying.

 However, if you were one of my fans on FB and are wondering what happened to me, please click the link and RE like me ;) I would appreciate it soooo much!

Dreamin Bohemian Studio Fan Page

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bunny BFF

What a sweet mixed media collage of a little girl and her bunny for Easter. Of course, this doesn't have to only be an Easter Gift, but it sure would be pretty in a little blond girls room :)

I make these with LOTS of different mediums, paint, pencil drawing, glitter, rhinestones, stamps, stickers, more paint, spatter some, sand some, I love the 3 dimensional flowers popping off the back ground.

I will also make these custom with your favorite things in mind. I have several examples to look at. Message me, I love to do custom commission work :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Charlie and his Giraffe

I love this Charlie pillow for a little boys room! I designed this one this week when a customer asked for chenilles, cords, maybe some plaid and flannels..oh and a giraffe! I can customize this design for your little guy or girl by putting their name on it and one of their favorite animals, or whatever they might like!
Super fun!
Just click on to order yours today!