Friday, November 16, 2007

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Busy Busy and health!

Well, I can happily say that this is my most busy year ever, since I have been developing Dreamin Bohemian. I have been working from sun up to sun down, painting, sewing, and getting my kids to where they need to be...oh yeah, and getting to my work outs as well.
As some of you may know, I have been working on my weight for about 2 and a half years now. How much have I lost, you ask? Well, not very much...I have gained muscle...LMAO...which, ok, that is good...but still, I want this weight to COME OFF. So, I started seeing Dr Price...She is an AWESOME Lady! The food plan is reasonable, but here is the deal...She finds out the issues behind not being able to lose the weight. A couple of my issues were #1, being Insulin Resistant, on my way to having diabetes. My body doesn't process sugar correctly...another issue was hypo Thyroid...Which kills any metabolism. Well, the good news is, after supplimenting the thyroid, those numbers are in balance it should be working properly. Next is getting that blood sugar down. Here is my theory...once that is in check, the weight should just drop right off of me. (I am REALLY HOPING THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS) I have been working sooooo hard and more consistantly than I ever have at my health. It has to start paying off!
Some other perks to Dr Price, is that I have been able to get my emotions in check going off of antidepressants and getting my neuro transmitters supplimented correctly. Ok, I am sure some of this sounds pretty boring, but I am really feeling good about seeing the results of all this hard work.
If you would like to learn about Dr is her website...

If you happen to be one of my customers waiting on an order, please don't give up on me, it is coming soon! I promise!! ;)
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